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Georgina Reskala


A moment is alive each time we speak of it and remember it. And each time we speak of it we transform it.
Every time I replicate an image, I mimic storytelling and memory making as I take a moment out of time, copy it, reshape it, transform it, or erase it.

I am interested in the power of narrative and how it shapes our personal history as well as our collective memory.
By photographing the seemingly endless series of the same subject matter and printing it, reshooting it over and over again I am trying to emulate how history gets distorted.

I use obsessive repetition in my work until I come upon that moment in which the same experience, becomes something different.
I am fascinated by that instance at which the understanding or recognition of an image or a time begins to dissolve.

Our collective memory then becomes a fragment, a light leak, a visual disturbance, or a dislocated state of mind.