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In Honor of PNCA @ 100, PDX and Pulliam Gallery join in presenting a group show.

September 30, 2009 to October 31, 2009


Candy Canes
Flower Painting with White Rose
Abbey studio shot
Archetype 1
Archetype 2
Archetype 3
Archetype 4
Higher Education (Analysis)
Higher Education (Hermeneutics)
Knife River 1
Knife River 2
Reinvestigation of the Sublime
Snag 1
Snag 2
The New Badlands
Wild Country

The artists include Patrick Abbey, G. Lewis Clevenger, Thomas Conway, Derek Franklin, Kay French, Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen, Linda Hutchins, George Johanson, Yoshihiro Kitai, Raul Mendez, Paula Overbay, Molly Vidor, Milton Wilson