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Derek Franklin



Born in 1981, Derek Franklin grew up in rural Scappoose, Oregon. As a young adult, Franklin’s work as an industrial fabricator motivated him to articulate multi-dimensional connections among modernism, nature, and the individual. The most visible associations came from minimalism, the individualist society developed after World War II, and the industrialization of the United States in general and specifically within the timber and agrarian cultures. Four ruling themes were developed out of these relationships and approached through video, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and painting, then placed into three-dimensional assemblages. The interconnectivity of American Modernism, nature, the individual, and industrialization are deconstructed through acts of exploring, building, and destroying within the work. Humor and futility are conditions often used by the artist to set up entry points into the work’s more historical concepts. He establishes art historical relationships by using strategies of appropriation and simulation, which builds dialogues around modernist ideals of the individual (artist) as superior and heroic.