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WITH/AND: MFA IN CRAFT THESIS EXHIBITION MAY 15 – MAY 27 | PDX CONTEMPORARY, UPFOR Opening Friday, May 15 With implies merging (coffee with cream), while And conveys a quality of autonomous association (salt and pepper). WITH/AND, the Oregon College of Art and Craft inaugural Thesis Exhibition of the MFA in Craft, explores the intersectional nature of Art and Craft, revealing a space where ill-defined boundaries touch or blur. PDX Contemporary 925 NW Flanders St, Portland Upfor 929 NW Flanders St, Portland

Susie J. Lee: App of the year by Geekwire

Siren, the female artist-founded dating app, is breaking the static, swipe-to-reject mold. Siren has an amazing shot to fix what's broken with shopping-for-humans, aggressive messages, and lack of respect for people. Siren features: Daily ice-breakers to lead with personality. Women sharing their photos with the men they choose--like catching someone's eye in real life. And a Siren Call for women to see who's up for fun in the moment.

Cynthia Lahti: Imogen Gallery, Astoria, OR

My Land - April 11, 2015 - May 5, 2015

Nancy Lorenz: Willamette Week

When an artist describes their work as an exploration of the "Joy of Painting," you might expect happy landscapes and smooth narration, but Nancy Lorenz’s abstract compositions juxtapose earthly burlap and heavenly metallics. The material contrasts balance a decorative taste for preciousness with a pragmatic craftsman sensibility that speaks to Portland's taste for high-end DIY. Meanwhile, the emphasis on coarse surfaces and slick pigments transcend the starting point of "painting on canvas" to become intimate icons referencing historical precedents of spiritual and expressionistic painting.

Nancy Lorenz: Willamette Week review

I love gold. It’s part vanity, because I’m blond and it suits my complexion, but it's also deeply aesthetic: a result of having spent so much time with gilded medieval altarpieces, manuscripts illuminated with gold leaf, and all the rest of the long history of Christian art. I was always bound to love Polished Ground, and in person I couldn't resist the swirling, shimmering golds, silvers and platinum. The soft metallic pigments accentuate the coarse burlap canvases, and vice versa. Some even include mirrors, like a vanitas painting, as if to scold the viewer for reveling in the artist's vision. But beauty can't be punished. The only telling off you’ll get from me is if you don’t make time for this show.

Nancy Lorenz: Akron Museum of Art

Beauty Reigns: A Baroque Sensibility in Recent Painting: January 24, 2015 - May 3, 2015

Nancy Lorenz: Polished Ground Visual Arts , Willamette Week, Richard Speer

What do Cindy Crawford, Elton John and Tom Ford have in common? They all own artworks by Nancy Lorenz, the New York artist showing at PDX Contemporary. These etudes of precious metals, mother of pearl and shiny lacquers dazzle with a lapidary elegance. One of the show’s seminal pieces, Palladium Relief, almost miraculously combines seemingly incompatible elements: metal and burlap, solid and liquid, quotidian materials with abstract expressionist sophistication. Lorenz’s gleaming, glittery confections twist the brain while they delight the eye. Through May 2.

Cynthia Lahti: Willamette Week

On the heels of winning the 24th annual Bonnie Bronson Fellowship Award, Cynthia Lahti exhibits a suite of enigmatic and satisfying sculptural and photographic objects at PDX...

PDX at VOLTANY: artist Arnold Kemp, booth B14...

VOLTA NY March 5 – 8, 2015 Booth #B14...

Cynthia Lahti: OR Arts Watch

The veteran Portland sculptor takes this year's Bonnie Bronson award...