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Tsubasa Kato


Tsubasa Kato (born in Japan in 1984) is a Tokyo-based contemporary artist.

His exhibitions incorporate elements of structural sculpture, film and photography from the context of his communal, praxis-oriented projects. After graduating with an MFA from the Tokyo University of Arts, Kato has worked in a variety of rural and urban environments across the globe.

His representative work is the “Pull and Raise” project, in which spontaneously formed groups work together to pull down large-scale structures with ropes. This work challenges us to see each project site's environment as a narrative reflected in the shape and the weight of the structure. By employing communal action to pull and manipulate this structure, he represents the social order in terms of an alterable, physical form-- in other words, provides a platform for people to spontaneously and unconsciously cooperate in order to envision change.

Through the use of two overlapping layers —praxis and documentary— he exposes tensions between the “self” and the “other” -“them” and “us”.