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Living in a City

June 5, 2024 to June 29, 2024



Opening Reception: Saturday, June 8th, 3:00pm - 5:00pm | Please RSVP to

Justin L’Amie
Living in the City

"Living in the city a churning, hectic place. Friends within walking distance. Pigeons sharing chicken bones. Seeing faces everywhere and hearing voices. Laughter from the stairwell. Sobbing from under a tarp. The indifference of a machine. Find a support system. Rent raised again. Dog looks you in the eyes. Flowers growing from where everything has fallen between the cracks. Needles in the drinking fountain. Moss on the mortar. Mound of slime. Squirrels in the streets! The biggest tree in the neighborhood. Epic vape cloud. Convenience over health. They look happy. Home is where you make it. Soiled bus seat. Athletes on the sidewalk. Agitated man. Neighbors who won’t make eye contact. We are all connected. There is comfort in being alone. Raccoon family on the fence.  We want to belong. Keep yourself busy. Just keep working. Don’t think about money. I can only afford to live in the city… I can’t really afford to live here anymore. Keep yourself busy. Find a sanctuary in the nature between. The song of the city in which I live and that has helped make me who I am. A city that has so much natural beauty and so many amazing people. A city of contradictions."