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Justin L'Amie


Back-To-Naturism (Noble Savagism)

"For a person just in from the mountains of nature, and standing at an intersection of society, it seems a wonder that the whole lot of double-speed frantic robots don't all drop dead of heart attacks en-masse"

-Andy Van't Hul
Excerpt from Work Ethic Hell
Nomad Publishing, 1991

Human Society has become an unstoppable and abrasive routine. Day after day we have slowly and voluntarily imprisoned ourselves lusting after convenience, competition, education and vanity- resulting in excessive work, bills, debt and worry. There is often little time or energy left to form meaningful bonds with other people let alone animals or nature. Our population has sacrificed it's connection with the earth and it's animal friends for unsustainable surplus agriculturalism, industrialization, colonialism, institutionalization of spirituality, class castes, along with many other terrifying realities that are part and parcel of CIVILIZATION.

We contrive situations with nature like going camping or to the zoo to feel a connection to something we, in our real day-to-day life, spend our
time and money trying to avoid, and in many cases intending to destroy. Give me slack, or give me death. These pieces are a sort of tribute to something
I have always felt forcibly alienated from: Nature and Love.