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Lisa Radon


Lisa Radon is an artist and poet. Solo exhibitions include those at Et al. (San Francisco), Muscle Beach (Portland) as part of the Portland2017 Biennial, Jupiter Woods (London), Portland Institute for Contemporary Art as part of TBA, Pied-à-terre (San Francisco), Ditch Projects (Springfield, OR), and Artspeak (Vancouver, B.C). She’s also shown work at the Henry Art Gallery (Seattle), BFA/Castiglioni (São Paolo), RONGWRONG (Amsterdam), S1 (Portland), and Titanik (Turku).

Her publications include Wholeness Engine (2017, Jupiter Woods), The Blind Remembrance of the Swirling Bone (2016, Ditch Projects/Artspeak), Infinity Increaser (2014, PICA), The Plumb and The Wave (2014), The Book of Knots (2013, cL_books), and Prototyping Eutopias (2013). Age of Sand (2019, Panel.LA) is forthcoming. Her work is held in the collection of the Henry Art Gallery, The Orchards, and private collections.