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James Reed


“How can the Deep Collective Aesthetic Inform the Ethic?

When I work with these Coal Qualities, they eventually connect up and my Coal Sensibility is awake. It seems that the Old Dead Organs of Perception become New and Alive Again when I am practicing with these Qualities.
My Numbness and On-looker Consciousness , which grow in the Word Measure Prisons, disappear when this Sense-ability is showing me the way .

When I work in this way, I am able to see that I am in mourning. I mourn those Old Organs of Perception that Died in the Word Measure Prisons. Growing from this mourning process, is a profound elegance that refines my experience of my Coal Quality. When I don't do this kind of work, I cant see that I am mourning, and this elegant quality cannot awaken my Coal Sensibility.”
- James Reed


James Reed, born in South African in 1973, has been living in Portland, OR since 2010. Reed received an MA from Oxford Brookes University (U.K.) in 2007. He was a Studio Arts and Art Theory lecturer in South Africa from 1998-2009 at University of Stellenbosch, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Penryn College, Uplands College, Bronze Age Sculpture House and the White River Studio.

His collaborations include: University of Santa Cruz Social and Environmental Research Centre, BAY CAT Social Sculpture workshop (San Francisco, U.S.A.), Kgotla Youth Conference, South African New Economics Network, Coordinator for Manifest festival in Oxford (U.K), Shelley Sacks in the Social Sculpture Research Unit, Earth Agenda and University of the Trees (U.K.), Climate Information Outreach Network action group (U.K.), South A Government Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture (South Africa), Womanʼs Rights: Greater Nelspruit Rape Intervention Project, GPSEN Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network. Residencies with Cite International des Arts (Paris, France), Thupelo International Artists Program (South Africa).

Reed has exhibited with MAP (Dallas, TX), The Intersection for the Arts (San Francisco, CA), Exit Art (New York, NY), Modern Art Oxford (UK), Goetheanum (Switzerland), Brett Kebble Awards, (South Africa) Fortis Circus Gallery (Netherlands), National Gallery (South Africa), Association of Visual Arts (South Africa), Underculture Contemporary (South Africa), Art EC (South Africa).