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Coal Measure Research Unit

March 28, 2015 to May 2, 2015



“How can the Deep Collective Aesthetic Inform the Ethic?

When I work with these Coal Qualities, they eventually connect up and my Coal Sensibility is awake. It seems that the Old Dead Organs of Perception become New and Alive Again when I am practicing with these Qualities.
My Numbness and On-looker Consciousness , which grow in the Word Measure Prisons, disappear when this Sense-ability is showing me the way .

When I work in this way, I am able to see that I am in mourning. I mourn those Old Organs of Perception that Died in the Word Measure Prisons. Growing from this mourning process, is a profound elegance that refines my experience of my Coal Quality. When I don't do this kind of work, I cant see that I am mourning, and this elegant quality cannot awaken my Coal Sensibility.”
- James Reed