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Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen


As an artist (under the name Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen) we’ve been co-creating art and life projects for the past eleven years. Our work is diverse in shape and scope, often functioning in response to the texts we read and to the experience of reading itself, whether on a page, sign, screen, or street. Within that frame, our pieces functions like marginalia, penned next to existing paragraphs and cultural phenomena. Curiosity and a desire for deeper understanding drives us, which have included photographs that inventory the color, metaphors, or objects (both concrete and speculative) in novels and philosophical texts; large-scale sculptural props, like our Standing Chalkbox; or more perfomative gestures in public space. Behind the production of images and objects, we're constantly involved with more research-based activities, weaving together relevant strands from many fields as we explore subjects such as the dead-pan expression, artistic labor and resistance, drone technology and imminent visuality, debt, appropriation, or the difficulties of conserving a common history.

Recently, our interests have begun to center on finding imaginative ways to use visual art amidst the swell of crises that characterize our social moment, looking particularly at the subversive potential in collectivity and play. In the past few years, working with Spreading Rumors (a small group of artists making interventions in existing forms of communication and distribution) and IT-503 (a leftist reading group that creates itinerant events and ephemera) we’ve experimented with balloon signage, confetti, real-estate signs, public discussion, and multimedia mass texting as aesthetic forms to make and circulate playfully serious, ephemeral public projects.