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Ultimate Urban Utility Bike

November 26, 2011 to December 31, 2011


Ultimate Urban Utility Bike

This "Bentley of city bikes" doesn't limit what you have to wear to be safe because it integrates innovations in visibility and convenience with style.
It is the world's first bicycle with a reflective frame so cars will see you easily from the side, where bike lights typically provide little help.
It also features a memory foam passenger seat for dates or kids, a cell phone charger powered by a dynamo hub, and huge electroluminescent tail lights sewn into the leather and canvas saddle bags that make you highly visible and safe, even in a black suit.

1. RETRO-REFLECTIVE POWDER COAT: failsafe visibility at night because the entire frame and wheels reflect car headlights
2. LIGHT STRIPS SEWN INTO PANNIERS: extra large lit surface area gives supreme visibility from the rear
3. CONVENIENT TOP TUBE CARGO POCKET: the perfect place to hold small items or easily access your phone as you ride
4. 360 DEGREE VISIBILITY STEM SPACER RING LIGHTS:  excellent visibility for pedestrians and other cyclists from all angles
5. REMOVABLE PASSENGER SEAT: share the fun in comfort when you want, remove it for lighter weight with 1/4 turn fasteners
6. LEATHER CARGO STRAPS DOUBLE AS SKIRT GUARD: light straps can be easily slung around cargo if panniers are left at home
7. U-LOCK STOWS IN FRONT RACK TUBES: finally, a clever and integrated way to hold your lock, with a rattle-free spring pin
8. DYNAMO-POWERED LIGHTS AND PHONE CHARGER: never worry about forgetting your lights or running out of batteries