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Two Painters

March 1, 2011 to April 2, 2011


Sgt-Mag in De Meuron's (Swiss) Regiment
August Lillies
Camellias I
Camellias II
Camellias III
Pear with Flowers
September Flowers II
Summer Flowers I
Summer Flowers II
Susie's Bouquet
Winter Roses
Yellow Roses
Midshipmans Edge
Paris 1815
Captain of Hussars
Aide de Camp
Basket of Fruit
Henry Blackwood
The Loss of the Brig "Richard and Mary"
Berlin 1806

Jane Timken paints with traditional materials in a classic painterly mode. Her aim is to reconfigure the world of nature into two dimensions. She paints flowers for their ephemerality, considering the issue of reconsideration and abstraction. Timken likens her painting experience to one of a garden, “pruning, rearranging, weeding out the uncooperative. The painting like the garden is always evolving.” Timken received her B.A. from Smith College and her Ph.D. from New York University.

David Fertig’s exuberant paintings depict the histories of the Napoleonic wars and 19th-century still-lives and interiors. His style is painterly, cinematic and definitively modern, attesting to the influence of artists like Gustave Courbet and Eduord Vuillard. Fertig was born in Philadelphia in 1946 and lives and works in New Jersey. He received his BFA from the Philadelphia College of Art and his MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. Fertig has exhibited his work nationally since 1977.