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August 4, 2015 to August 29, 2015



The Last Evening
Large Vase with Flowers
Frog Drawing
Small Gathering
The Bat
Two Caterpillars
Dogwood Flower in Small Vase
Vase with Flower Arrangement
Moth and Lichen
Moths Gathering on Lichen
Flower Study I
Flower Study II
Flower Study
Pod Drawing
Song of the City
Studies (bird heads, moths and dwellers of the undergrowth)
Fish in the Waves
Goose in the Garden
Storied Flower
St. Jerome

I have a spiritual, almost religious, belief that going on walks and making art are connected in the healing and contemplating power that they have on the mind. In nature or even in the private moments in the city I find myself maintaining a connection to the "spiritual"... the irrational. The curious seep of faith and suspended disbelief into a rational scientific mind. Moments of mania and deep bliss follow me on my walks. Even for fear of ridicule I persist in superstitious modes of production and living because the importance of feeling connection to something magic or unexplainable are important to my belief that making something larger than oneself requires more than love or sacrifice, but either a community or an unflinching and deeply held conviction that the fantastic is alive and within in everyone. Walks remove me from a fixed perspective, and are often a catalyst for finding precious or obscene moments that can suddenly be elevated to levels of ecstasy or deep depression. Both of these feelings motivate and inform my work. My work is about duality... or perhaps it is more about an entire spectrum. My work is about a man who often wishes he could be an animal.