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May 30, 2006 to July 1, 2006



Blowy (2)
Ice Blue Inching
Pink and Red Start
Red Inching No. 2
Through The Winter
Triple Green Start
Valley Fold (Peach)
Valley Fold (Yellow)

New sculptural works

Ellen George is known for her light, organic, abstract sculptures of modest scale and articulate execution. Her forms are familiar, yet ultimately exotic.

Ms. George has exhibited large-scale pieces that are made of hundreds of small components, at the Tacoma Art Museum, Interstate Fire House, and the Archer gallery. Her work has been exhibited in Massachusetts, California, Illinois, Florida and Texas as well as the Pacific Northwest. Ellen George is included in the Collections of the Tacoma Art Museum, Museum of East Texas and King County Public Collection.

My work reflects a private life enriched with curiosity. These sculptures draw inspiration from silence, sound and the natural world, yet seem to spring forth from a world all their own.

I stay improvisational, enjoying the surprise of one shift leading to another.