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Shawn Records, Stupid People Love High Places: Recent Photographs of the World

The Japanese have an expression: "Stupid People Love High Places." Recently, Shawn Records had the opportunity to circumnavigate the globe in just 18 days, with stops in Paris, London, Madrid, and Tokyo. PDX Gallery, through its Window Project, is proud to present "Stupid People Love High Places," a slideshow of photographs, primarily drawn from Records's recent travels.

Utilizing the slideshow format to explore the potential of quantity and sequencing not afforded by a gallery wall, Records's work weaves between the intimate and the distant; exploring the contrast between the expectations of travel and the realities of traveling. We are presented with big places and small moments, with no overt umbrella of meaning, narrative, or context. Records presents these photographs simply as he's made them- as scraps that he's recently picked up along the way- souvenirs and treasures; shiny, exotic rectangles from around the globe.