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A Series of Rectangles

November 5, 2013 to November 30, 2013


Double Negative
Every Situation Bears the Stamp
External Conditions
From Inside the Totalitarian Onion
Object Lesson: Friendship by Simone Weil
Object Lesson: Means Without End by Giorgio Agamben
Object Lesson: The Mysticism of Work by Simone Weil
Object Lesson: The Needs of the Soul by Simone Weil
Object Lesson: The Power of Words by Simone Weil
Object Lesson: Theory of Bloom by Tiqqun
Object Lesson: Void and Compensation by Simone Weil
Object Lessons: Human Personality by Simone Weil
The Big Knot
The Final Blow
The Line of Conflict
Under the Proletarian Axe
Universal Prop
Verb I
Verb II
Verb III
Verb IV
Verb IX
Verb V
Verb VI
Verb VII
Verb X
Verb XI
Verb XII
Verb XIV
Verb XIX
Verb XV
Verb XVI
We Already Quit
We Are Not of This World
Working on non-work
The Definitive Huck Finn
The Definitive Huck Finn (back)

"A Series of Rectangles" is an exhibition of four sets of artworks that sprung from our time at a three-month spring residency at Bemis Center for Contemporary Art. Operating under the assumption that nothing can really be what it is anymore, we spent our time immersed in political texts, poetry, and play. These new pieces elaborate a desire to make what we read present in our lives--to see what things look like out of theory.