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August 3, 2010 to August 28, 2010


Planate Perception
Birds of America: Pelicanus erythrorhynchos gmelin
Caterpillar March
Cloud Cover
Finch Series: Bloom
Finch Series: Circle
Finch Series: Wish
Fixed Nebula
Focus Orbs, a Light-A-Scope Exploration (video still)
Index (Conspiracy)
Index (Ghost Riders in the Sky)
Index (Ulam's Borealis)
inKosi utshani
Jewel-toned Valley
NE 7th
Nouveau Americana
Porous Aquifer
SE 92nd
Sleeping Cirri
Travels of the Poet
Triple B&W
z Alfie and Basil
Sri Lankan Plateau

A Summer Group Show Featuring Friends and Family of PDX

Artists included:
Monica Angle, Graham Bell, Greg Bell, Lillian Kingery, Peter Gronquist, Midori Hirose, Silas Beebe, Montana Maurice, Nell Warren, Wendy Burden, Jarrod McCann, Greg Misarti, Dieta von Matthiessen, Tina Beebe

There is a lot of talent among the staff, families and friends of PDX Contemporary Art.  Our summer group exhibition, relative picnic, is a summer reunion of sorts, an exhibition of the work of the many individuals connected with the gallery. The show is a celebration of summer gatherings, kinship and community, a picnic of ideas and expressions both collective and diverse.