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August 30, 2011 to October 1, 2011



Nurse Looking Down
Bag Head Bow
Blue Bag
Blue Head
Bunny Mask
Cat Mask
Clown and Girl
Clown with Hands on Head
Gray Crown
Green Lady
Heart Mask
Indian Mask
Italian Lady
Mask and Black Dress
Nurse Anne
Nurse Holding Cloth
Nurse Looking Right
Nurse Looking Straight Ahead
Nurse Looking Up
Nurse with Closed Blue Cape
Nurse with Hands over Lap
Nurse with Lotion
Nurse with Open Blue Cape
Queen Lucy
Red Swimsuit
Round Mask
Three Nurse Backs

The work in Nurse comes from the world of allegory and theatre. The conditions of my inner world requires the making of things to explain and commemorate. The artworks reflect a confidence in magic and wonder. Their power exists with the ability to transform an interior state, to an external experience for the viewer. The most obvious and specific inferences allow for the most expansive response in the viewer. The act of creating them is the definition of nurse; to cure or alleviate by treating it carefully and protectively, and to hold closely and carefully or caressingly. -Cynthia Lahti