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Movement of Objects at Rest

July 31, 2012 to September 1, 2012



Ravel Study #1
Wrap Study #1
Apparition No. 1 (gold)
Apparition No. 1 (silver)
Ravel Study #2
Ravel Study #3
Stone Mystic 42
Stone Mystic 46
Twist Study #1
Twist Study #2
Untitled (Diptych)
Coil Study #6
Stone Mystic 21
Coil Study #7
Static Flow I
Static Flow II
Static Flow III
Stone Mystic 11
Stone Mystic 16
Stone Mystic 17
Stone Mystic 20
Stone Mystic 22
Stone Mystic 25
Stone Mystic 28
Stone Mystic 33
Stone Mystic 34
Stone Mystic 35
Coil Study #1
Coil Study #2
Coil Study #3
Coil Study #4
Coil Study #5
Stone Mystic 23
Stone Mystic 26

Movement of Objects at Rest

Elements in a state of flux.
Processes underway.
Settling into a shape or position.
Suspended in a state of arrival or emergence.
Something coming into being.
Movement of Objects at Rest.

My work is process-oriented, rooted in materials-based working methods that allow me to explore physical and psychic phenomena such as flow, stasis, circulation, time, and the limits of sensory perception. The incremental, serial nature of the objects I make is driven by the desire to understand how line evokes form and creates meaning while remaining resolutely abstract.

The exhibition title, Movement of Objects at Rest, is drawn from David A. Slawson’s book, Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens. His translation of a fifteenth century gardening manual has deepened my thinking about drawing as a process of finding correlations between external and internal phenomena.

David A. Slawson, Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens.
New York/Tokyo: Kodansha 1987