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Midnight Florist

January 31, 2018 to February 24, 2018



Empty Vessels
Flower Arrangement 1
Flower Arrangement 4
Flower Arrangement 7
Flower Arrangement 8
Flower Arrangement 9
The Collector
View of Flower Arrangement Blocked by a Visitor
Flower Arrangement 2
Flower Arrangement 3
Flower Arrangement 5
Flower Arrangement 6
Missing Moth

We live in a world that, I am told, is guided by scientific rules and principles. There are reasons why each plant grows the way it does. There are reasons that a frog doesn't give birth to a bird. There are reasons things feel different at night. I am sure there are reasons why. 

Traveling to new places I see that everything looks familiar, yet different. The same or similar shapes, colors and textures. Variation and combination, repetition without repeating. Rare new life. They are new flowers to me. Insects with green eyes. 

These are flowers I gathered in the night between there and here. Proof that they exist in my mind, and that I think of them quite often.

- Justin L’Amie