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Lacunae/New Box Constructions

May 1, 2010 to May 29, 2010



Lacunae/New Box Constructions
Lacunae/New Box Constructions

I have long been fascinated with the history and architecture of man-made beehives. The concept of this body of work was to create a suite of box constructions as models for observation hives that fuse my interest in beehives with my study of Japanese architecture and design. Each box contains a composition that is based on memory from some space I experienced while living in Japan. 

In creating these interiors I limited my materials to wood, paper and paint and sought to use only light, line and shadow as compositional elements to articulate an architectural experience devoid of narrative but rich and varied in ambience. My intention was to create very stringent environments in which a certain duality inherent in the architecture becomes a key focusing element, something of an aperture, which yields two distinct views depending on which side one looked through.

- Daniel Fagereng