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Holding a Peach

September 4, 2012 to September 29, 2012



Apology with Bolster
Clear Dark
Grande Odalisque
Saint Non
Spring Picture (Advanced Arrangement)
Spring Picture (Apology with Bolster)
Spring Picture (Peonies & Plaid Sleeve)
Strut with Collar & Crossed Legs
Young & Old
Spring Picture (Aristocrat)
Spring Picture (Athlete)
Spring Picture (Castlemountain)
Spring Picture (Guts & Heel)
Spring Picture (Jock with Veil)
Spring Picture (Knee)
Spring Picture (Nude Beach)
Spring Picture (Singlet with Roses)
Spring Picture (Slump with Black Stripe)
Spring Picture (Strut with Collar)
Spring Picture (Toy Pillow)
Spring Picture (Yukata & Peonies)

“Ikebana is, of course, decorative, but decorative in the broader sense – as the symbolic representation of nature. By producing something to look at, the arranger aims to activate a whole train of thoughts and feelings. The powers of association that may have influenced an arrangement often seem to strike a similar chord in those who view it. It is the visual impact – the decorative effect, if you will that starts an emotional response.”

- Stella Coe
Ikebana – A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Japanese Flower Arrangement

“It was a simple matter to choose a physique for him, for she possessed in her secret, lonely-girls imagination, for her nights pleasure, a stock of thighs, arms, torsos, faces, hair, teeth, necks and knees, and she knew how to assemble them so as to make them a live man to whom she loaned as soul – which was always the same.”

- Jean Genet
Our Lady of the Flowers