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Drinking Light

May 2, 2017 to May 27, 2017



Afternoon, Hyde Park
Beacon Craig, Cornwall
Beautiful Collision
Being Part of the Sky
Chiswick Walk to Hammersmith Bridge
Cloud and the Quiet, Cornwall
Cloudpool - Marazion, Cornwall
Drinking Light
Fields of Zennor, Cornwall
Land's End, Cornwall
Little Blitzen, Steens Mountain
Morning Chiswick Walk
Morning in the Diamond Valley
Morning Opening in Porthleven
Music in the Night, Cadgwith Cove
Night Walk to Chieveley
Our Mountain
Pendeen Cliffs
Quiet Night, Mt. Hood
Spring Thaw
St. Michael's Mount
Thames in the Early Morning
Time of the Blue, River Wye
Afternoon in the Garden
Early Morning, Cadgwith Cove
Porthleven, Cornwall

Growing up in Oregon has given me a deep sense of place. Setting out in the Cascades, or in the High Desert, a feeling of remoteness attended me.

When I was five, my family took a trip to Great Britain that has stayed in my heart and imagination. The Lake District, Scotland and Wales put into me a different landscape.

Over these last few years I have been lucky to walk in Britain again, and in particular the Coastal Path of Cornwall. They are days I would describe as visual poems.

I often fall to sleep with an image of a place. By morning the image is gone, but my experience of that place is what I take into the studio in the early hour.

I guess light has always been my subject. But this body of work respects a lumination of an inner world that is mutable, ambiguous and intimate. These are impressions I would not be able to describe in words.

In my paintings, I have recorded impressions these places have made over time.