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July 3, 2007 to July 28, 2007



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My Anticipation

Mills [uses] mark-making as a meditation on nature and the process of drawing.
- Lance Esplund, Art in America (Nov. 2002)

Mills' drawings are manifestations of contemplation, measured markings of and about a thought or impression; the fall of snow or reflections on a morning dream. Yet despite the seemingly light touch of Mills' marks, his drawings are far from simple. Tension is inherent to each drawing - intersection or lack of intersection between two lines - as is a center from where exploration begins. Authenticity is a theme that Mills explores by asking himself, "What is a true authentic thought? Does something become authentic or is it born authentic? I feel this may be the common thread that runs through both my drawings and me as a person."

A long-time friend of Agnes Martin, Wes Mills is cultivated in the tradition of reserve. Known for their subtle nature, Mills' drawings are considered, spare, personal yet universal compositions. PDX Contemporary Art gallery owner Jane Beebe describes drawings by Wes Mills as "the breath of a drawing."

This show is concurrent with "APEX: Wes Mills" at the Portland Art Museum.