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Double Vision

October 31, 2006 to December 2, 2006



Left Hand Right Hand (black)
Left Hand Right Hand (black)
Left Hand Right Hand Butterflies
Night Sky I
Sparkler I
Sparkler I and II
Wave II

Large scale mother of pearl and lacquer paintings

Nancy Lorenz combines mother of pearl, pigments, lacquer, gold and silver leaf in creating paintings that reference the natural world. Her paintings have both an abstract expressionist approach and labor-intensive fine craft techniques. Lorenz's imagery draws from Japanese aestheticism, chemistry and a classic painterly mode.

The paintings in this exhibition include images of water, sky, cherry blossoms, fireworks and fountains. They are remarkably expressive. Many of the new paintings are of substantial scale, ranging in size from 20" x 30" to a 72" x 72" diptych.

Nancy Lorenz lived in Japan in her teens, received her MFA in painting from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and Rome, Italy. Lorenz has received major commissions including a 75 foot painting for the Beverly Hilton, among other prominent organizations and private individuals. Her work has been published in ARTnews, Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair and New York Times, among other established publications. Nancy Lorenz lives and works in New York, NY.