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May 1, 2007 to June 2, 2007



The Kip Twins
Room 7-31

"Danger and Delight grow on one stalk."
- Proverb

[Lahti] balances a sense of control with the gestures of accident and is comfortable exploring a realm between rawness and refinement.
- Prudence Roberts, ArtWeek 2006

Portland artist Cynthia Lahti is known for her expressive, gestural sculptures and drawings. Lahti's imagery is evocative of emotional and elemental states of mind. Sculptures in porcelain, raku, plaster as well as drawings and photographs will be exhibited.

As an artist I wish to create powerful visual artifacts in the form of works on paper and sculptures. The work describes moments within the human experience, which reflect the beauty and chaos of this world. These moments are specific metaphors of the larger truths in life.
- Cynthia Lahti, April 2007