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The Classroom

June 29, 2010 to July 31, 2010


A Limited Anthology of Edits
A Limited Anthology of Edits (detail)
Chalkbox Mini
Chalkbox Mini
Color Plot I, To the Lighthouse
Color Plot II, The Old Man and The Sea
Color Plot III, Moby Dick
Passing Class Pencil Set
Filler Paper edition of 10. single sheets available
Made to be Read
Modular Mondrian Block Set
Order of Operations
Passin Class (in situ)
Passing Class
Problems of Categorization - Letters
Problems of Categorization - Numbers
Standing Chalkbox
Syllabus - Art and Editorship, 16 Week Course
The Five Tenets

In The Classroom, Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen present a new body of work that deals with the politics and aesthetics of education.  Through the exploration of a variety of pedagogical tools and methods they have created a selection of objects and prints. From modular Mondrian building blocks to color analyses of literary classics there is something for every kind of student. With the current inflation of people pursuing higher education, despite its mounting cost, increased privatization and decreased rigor, it seems particularly appropriate to portray the classroom transparently as a place of commerce. Knowledge has value but what it is even more valuable is the ability to transmit that knowledge. What we learn is less important than how we learn. 

In conjunction with the show, the artists and PDX Contemporary Art will host a series of short lectures on Saturday mornings during the month of July. Four local educators will use the objects of The Classroom to present on a variety of topics including fan-culture, pedagogy, language, philosophy and literacy.

Lecture Schedule: Saturdays at 11am at PDX Contemporary Art:
Saturday, July 10th: Anne Marie Oliver
Saturday, July 17th: Sean Regan
Saturday, July 24th: Helen Reed
Saturday, July 31st: Barry Sanders