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Catch All

June 30, 2009 to August 1, 2009


Fireplace Road
Oracle 1
Oracle 2
Oracle 3
Oracle 4
Oracle 5
Oracle series
4D Swimming
Arrendajo Funesto
Canopy I
Canopy II
Canopy III
Canopy IV
Canopy V
Installation view, "Catch All"
Installation view, "Catch All"
Middle Air 2
Middle Air 3
Middle Air 5
Middle Air series
Signature No. 1
Summer Run I
Summer Run II
Summer Run III
Summer Run IV
The Lizard/Lady Cycle
Untitled Part 1 " to Lili"
Untitled Part 1 and Untitled Part 2 "to Lili"
Untitled Part 2 "to Lili"
We Two Boys Together Clinging (One the Other Never Leaving)
National Park: Blue Stone
National Park: Terra Coral
Black Boyfriend
Fold #20
Fold #23

Brad Adkins, Monica Angle, Lydia Beebe, Victoria Haven, Philip Iosca, Vanessa Johnson, Jeff Keller, Justin L'Amie, James Lavadour, Raymond Meeks, Vanessa Renwick, Adam Sorensen, Storm Tharp, Marie Watt

In the spirit of summer PDX is happy to present a gathering of summery work by artists ranging from well-established NW artists such as James Lavadour and Marie Watt, to artists established elsewhere but new to Portland, and to a recent PNCA graduate.
This will be a casual group show, offering a wide variety of imagery and materials: paintings, photography, collage, and works on paper.