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Bookish is a Compliment

June 2, 2009 to June 27, 2009


Literary Ikebana IV (Reference Library)
The Book in the Stump/Slope
Wittgenstein Pencil
Beyond Sleep Index I - Subject and Beyond Sleep Index III - Color
Beyond Sleep Index II - Object
Dear Author
Grandma's Autobiograpy
Installation shot
Literary Ikebana (set)
Literary Ikebana I (Influence Goes a Long Way)
Literary Ikebana II (Conceptual Art: How to)
Literary Ikebana III (The Big Ask)

Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen Bookish is a Compliment, is an exhibit of 2-D and 3-D works. Gray and Wilson Paulsen have been collaborating for the past four years making a wide variety of artworks from postcard projects, photographs and historical newspapers, to video jokes, lists and multi-media installations. They are editors and co-founding members of Special Projects Press and their work has been shown at the Pacific NW College of Art, PDX Contemporary Art, Real Art Ways, Milepost Five, Teshnor Manor and in the hallways of their parents’ homes. Between the two of them they have read well over a million pages