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Bethlehem in Wax

April 5, 2011 to April 30, 2011



Atmospheric Perspective
Border Produce
Burial Aesthetics
Burning Bush
Frozen Woman
Future Ruins
New Tower
Separation Wall
Stone's Throw
The Fattened Calf
Plastic House

This exhibition is in conjunction with the Photolucida conference.


Amjad Faur's work is an exploration of the photographic process in conjunction with the symbolism of the Middle East. Working with the photographically reproduced image and the contingency of its readings in recent time, Faur touches on the "harsh realities of appropriation, displacement and spatial elasticity, [which] have all come to define the political, geographical and psychological impermanence of occupied Palestine." His current body of work, Bethlehem in Wax, is an investigation into these relationships. The resulting images are informed by historic and cultural depictions of the Middle East and at the same time are inquiries into the nature of the photograph and its place within contemporary art. Faur's pieces rely on constructed sets to reveal the unseeable. They tread a path between the traditional Islamic prohibition of representational imagery and the contemporary contesting of photography's empiricism.