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Bean Finneran: Sushi Platforms

December 6, 2017 to December 23, 2017



Large Sushi Platform and Six Small Platforms
Orange and Yellow Bar Sushi Platform, Cup and Chopstick Holder
Red and White Sushi Platform with Three Cups and Two Chopstick Holders
White Crystal Glaze Sushi Platform and Sake Cup
White Sushi Platform with Stripe Block, Cup and Chopstick Holder
Yellow Sushi Platform with Two Cups and Two Chopstick Holders
Red Vessel
Red Vessel
Marine Blue Vase
Orange Vase
Yellow Vase
Amethyst Purple Vase
Violet Flower Vase
Blue Vase

While continuing with her dynamic ceramic installation work Finneran has recently started a parallel studio practice of making exuberant functional pieces. Having rolled out hundreds of thousands of curves over the course of a few decades she says that she is having something of a renaissance relationship with the wheel and slab-formed work. As ever, Finneran brings her characteristic brilliant color and playful sensibility to these new pieces. We will be showing a bold series of small vases, rims thickly frosted in white lava glaze, and a selection of her new sushi platters, cups, bowls and chopstick rests.