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April 2, 2011 to April 30, 2011


BALL - video still

The installation BALL consists of a looped video of a 40 minute performance deflating a 7 foot beach ball while the modular synth composer Daryl Groetsch improvises. Blown up into the window with the video monitor is Ball itself. The performance was originally slotted for the show "Princess Dies: The Crowning" produced by Experimental Half Hour for Portland Community Media airing mid-April.

Producers: Brock Fansler, Eva Aguila
Camerawomen: Tara Swenson, Rebecca Carlisle-Healy
Cameraman: Joshua Orion Kermiet
Photographer: Sissy Williams
Documentation: Jed Bindeman
Inflator: Nick Bindeman
BALL: Brittany Gould
Brick Wall: Jamie Potter
Supervision: Lee Cason Doss

Garments provided by Sissy Williams and Honey Owens.
Installation equipment provided by PICA.
Recorded March 30, 2011.

Special thanks to Brad Adkins for generating opinions, heated gazebo, tacos, movies, magic and jokes. Thanks also to Kristan Kennedy, Storm Tharp, Adam Sorenson, Midori Hirose, Dave Heubner, Holly Cundiff, Justin Oswald, Jan Northoff, Nick Meriwhether, Chris Irick, Jeremy Parker and Keegan McHargue among many others in the support and development of BALL.

Portland Community Media: http://www.pcmtv.org/
Experimental Half/Hour: http://vimeo.com/experimentalpdx
Ashby Lee Collinson: http://ashbyleecollinson.com/
Daryl Groetsch: http://synthnoise.com/