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Avantika Bawa



Avatika Bawa
July 5, 2017 to August 26, 2017

Union Bank Tower is a reductionist representation of the Union Bank Tower building located in downtown Portland. The salient feature of this International Style structure are it’s exposed service cores, which are clad in a dull green slate that was quarried from the same area in Wales as the stone used in Stonehenge.

Although my initial interest was the ‘dislocation of this material’, I realized while researching and sketching this building, I needed to see it from many vantage points, reference numerous books and online sources for a complete view and representation of it. In this process, I felt more and more personally distanced from the building itself, but was gradually and greatly enamored by it is wholeness, sheer verticality and formal qualities, such as the dominant stripes and negative shapes.