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Works on Paper

November 5, 2019 to November 30, 2019



These works on paper are fragments of my daily studio practice, a rare moment in the day where I can be completely present, brush in hand, without external constraints.

They are my personal notes, not for any particular project, but an unedited way of expressing, and more importantly a way to remember. I forget so much and am pulled in all directions these days, but when I look at these very loose drawings I’m instantly brought back to exact moments, whether it be when I fell in love with a particular work of art, or felt the mood of the day reflected in the weather, be it an impending storm, or ethereal light coming through the clouds.

Often the paper itself has a history. I still have scraps I collected during my high school years in Japan, notebooks from France, and fruit wrappers from a graduate year in Italy. I also prepare paper to give it a history, sometimes with gesso and gilder’s clay, or pigment. I bring it from place to place, such as the artist’s residency Cill Rialaig in Ireland, or the cottage in Maine. Next to my drawing table I have stacks of this paper, most with accumulated marks from those times, and some brand new, waiting for the thought of the day. At least for this one moment I can be sure I have let myself go wherever I wanted.