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Vanessa Johnson


This is rule-making to enhance your visual understanding of space!
This is also an exploration of the Hawaiian culture through hula. I used the western mythology that is science to interpret the Hawaiian spiritual art of hula in order to uncover something connecting the two. I translated three-dimensional motions of hula dancers into two dimensions, connected points along these curves and observed how space was formed and crystallized as a result.
This is also about shifting perspective and the idea of the limits of three dimensions. If you view something from another vantage point or with another intention, you change what is observed. This is true in science as well as in culture. Similarly, we can assume that we perceive only a fraction of existence. By leaving room for possibilities such as higher dimensions, we can use these abstract concepts to find patterns (meaningful or not, we can’t tell) in our own seemingly ordinary world.
Ultimately, it’s about understanding that you don’t really understand. It’s ok though, because at least in the struggle there’s still the possibility of surprise.