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Tread Lightly

February 27, 2007 to March 31, 2007



I remain interested in the history and stories connected with the common wool blanket. For this project, I have used military and disaster-relief blankets. Earlier in my process, I felt conflicted about working with this type of blanket. I have fond memories of two green army blankets in my childhood station wagon that were used for picnics, changing tires, and covering-up to stay warm. But I am also well aware that there are many stories that accompany these objects, belonging to men and women who serve. Some of these stories are recorded and others are unspoken, concealed, or buried.

While many comforting associations accompany blankets, so do tragic and sad ones. Similarly, this project mines a broad range of topics that stem from this humble yet loaded object. While I never set out to make work of a political nature, I think that the social and political issues in the world today weigh heavily on my conscience, and so, too, have they woven themselves into this work.

- Marie Watt, February 2007