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May 30, 2017 to July 1, 2017



As a small boy growing up in the countryside in Japan, I enjoyed looking up at the sky. From my classroom window, I gazed at the windblown clouds, and was mesmerized by airborne creatures such as birds, butterflies and winged bugs. I sometimes dreamed of riding on the back of a bird and flying away to faraway places, like the little boy Nils from the Swedish children’s book “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils.”
I started photographing in 1993. For more than twenty years, I have taken many different approaches to photography, however, what has remained constant is my belief that humans are just a small part of nature, and that humanity and nature are not disparate entities. Through my work, I try to convey a "peaceful state of mind." I often pick birds as subject matter and have created many images. What do we see in birds? Why are we attracted to birds so much? I keep looking for the answers while departing on yet another journey.  

In my journey to Mongolia in the fall of 2016, I watched the raptors flying around large flat rocks set for sky burial which is their traditional way of funeral. These birds sent me an important message to my heart, but in a very nonchalant way as if they were just releasing their droppings…