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Still Life with Unfolding Rock

October 30, 2012 to December 1, 2012



The weight of the earth is estimated near 6.6 sextillion tons, most of which is natural rock, hot rock and a tiny amount, too small to mention, is artificial rock—man made rock decoys for lawn decoration, zoo animal habitat, heated lizard rocks, concealment spaces, rock hide-a-keys.

This group of work is about my relationship to rocks—from a self portrait as a child carrying a rock to imagined lichen and moss that might grow from artificial rocks to larger things like the contemplation of the transformation of matter through time and space.

I am particularly inspired by Schopenhauer's feeling of the Sublime, wherein he describes the ‘Full Feeling’ of the Sublime as the pleasure of seeing a violent object of magnitude and one that could destroy the observer, and the ‘Fullest Feeling’ of the Sublime as the immensity of Universe's extent or duration.