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September 1, 2021 to October 9, 2021



still—moving brings together a series of intricately-stitched textiles and a text-based video projection. This constellation of artworks charts a period of suspended time and stalled movement, shaped by a changing relationship to distance and to spaciousness and to living with the unknown.

Matter takes form. Things flow into order. Time passes. Each new work spins into being. I want to bring something to the surface, something I sense is only accessible in the making. It is imperceptible and yet it emerges, slowly, like a quiet alphabet I must learn with my hands.

The objects that I make are restless. They resist completion. They are still—forming, flickering, opening, turning, asking, watching—arriving at an ever-present moment. They are markers of unmarked and immeasurable time. Like unwitting filters, these works absorb many unnamed reference points, influences, and feelings. As the stitches and marks accrue into forms, their coherence and sensibilities become evident. I hesitate to name them, and as I do, they elude their names. This sense of aliveness—this desire to create in ways that feel reciprocal and mysterious—compels me. Even after my part in the making is done, I keep listening for what else these still, moving objects might say.