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January 15, 2020 to February 29, 2020



The work in this exhibition is a reexamination and reconfiguration of my process from the last 15 years. While reflecting on my work, I often rest on Flusskeller, a painting completed in 2010.  One of the successes of that piece, is that it formed a pathway that I have followed steadfastly and diligently since. My compositions and paint handling owe a lot to the discoveries I made with that painting. However, right before all of that solidified, I remember a feeling of freedom and looseness in my approach to the waterfalls.  It’s the memory of that feeling that is the genesis of this work.

The title of this exhibition, Skeleton, refers to the excavation and reassessment of techniques arrived at in past work.  This title conjures a visual metaphor as well. The stark water lines contrasting with the dark ground evoke the white bones and the black negative space.