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the silent twig

May 31, 2023 to July 1, 2023



the silent twig

My drawings reflect experiences or thoughts inspired by my surroundings. Inspiration can be found while walking my dog, long drives through the countryside, or simply a period of time spent in a quiet place drawing. It is in the nature of drawing that, what at times can be seen as simple, becomes a passage to something of purity and beauty. A light breeze had been moving a little twig back and forth in the sand. The soft and delicate marks created by the repeated movement momentarily held me there with some sort of tenderness, a heightened awareness to the quietness of my surroundings. If my drawing could hold me in this way I would be happy.

At times drawing brings me to a place where one is curious as to what makes our often common and shared experiences unique to us as individuals. I have walked this path many times and by the foot prints in the sand I see others have too. Upon completing the first drawing that led to this group, I realized that after all this time I arrived at a place where at one point in our lives, this was a drawing that most likely we have all made; because of this I initially wanted to disregard the drawing. But upon further contemplation, I thought of the many times I hoped drawing would lead me to this place, a place with the possibility of a common, if not universal understanding.