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August 5, 2008 to August 30, 2008



These paintings came about by way of looking at and then internalizing the out-of doors in and around the area I live. The process of making the egg tempera / egg tempera and oil paintings begins with small on-site pencil sketches that I bring back to my studio and paint from. I strive to obtain the original impulse but distill it into something that has an enigma that leaves me unsettled but content.

The watercolor pieces are no different in terms of what I want to finally achieve, but I do a good bit of the painting on site without a preliminary study. Nevertheless, even with the watercolors, I feel as though I am starting from scratch once I bring it home and attempt to make it work. Therefore, though the medium may affect my process somewhat, I feel internally compelled to draw-out the process until I stumble into a middle ground somewhere between the ordinary and not-so-ordinary.

-Nick Blosser, 2008