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Rise out of the Scattered Deep

February 24, 2018 to March 31, 2018



"Having thus poured forth my prayer and given an account of my bitter sufferings, I drowsed and fell asleep on the same sand-couch as before. But scarcely had I closed my eyes before a god-like face emerged from the midst of the sea with lineaments that gods themselves would revere. Then gradually I saw the whole body, resplendent image that it was, rise out of the scattered deep and stand beside me."

-Apuleius of Madaurus, The Golden Ass (Metamorphoses) , Book 11, Late 2nd Century AD

I use ceramic objects and processes as material anchors from which to navigate shifting landscapes of culture, identity, and embodiment. My objects are records of ritualized processes. I access these stories through research and speculation, digital processes, trance practices, and chance operations.