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Resemblance Between Carl Sagan’s Statement and Lord Krishna’s Miracle (Performed 5000 Years Ago)

July 30, 2013 to August 31, 2013



At times even the most scientific, rational, and contemporary minds are susceptible to supporting less-than-proven beliefs. As a result, I am interested in the ever-present fascination with mystifying methods of healing and protection.

Instant access to vast histories of psychic defense, ancient medicinal practices, detoxification methods, mediumship, astrology, mysterious energetic frequencies, and feng shui (to name a few); provide endless anecdotes and combinations of ways to help or harm oneself and others.

Metaphysical systems become superimposed on contemporary scientific thought, collapsing and collating beliefs in form of problem solving.

My work is currently invested in reinterpreting arcane symbols and methods of supernatural or spiritual thought. Applied to each new work, healing or protective systems imbue physical material with complex meaning. Hand woven textiles are combined with supporting constructions as aesthetic representation of the intangible force of fate when met with metaphysical intervention.