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December 4, 2007 to December 29, 2007



Each film plays as a chapter recounting the creation of humankind in a fantastical manner. The first chapter Fallen, depicts an Eve-like character’s introduction to technology and the divine consequences of this meeting. The second chapter, Rise, resumes many years later, long after the female character's first meeting with technology. Here she has transformed from her original Eve-like state of naked innocence into a clothed mysterious being. In place of her original naïveté our character now holds a cryptic knowledge of the natural world often feared and marked as witchcraft. As a result of this transformation the two characters of machine and human have switched their roles of protagonist and antagonist. Again their meeting results in a dramatic shift in the environment. The cause and ramifications of this event remains an ambiguous mystery. Is the flood a positive transformation of this world, or a tragic loss of the original environment? By writing the story of how we have come to be, the authors of history have created stories and myth that reflect their morals, values and ultimately their objectives. My intention has been to portray a creation story that is aware of its fictional origin in an attempt to better understand the subjective nature of the authoring of history as it is contradicted, fought over, and continuously reshaped.