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March 1, 2017 to April 1, 2017



I have been building sculptures for many years with hand rolled clay curves. The sculptures are installed in place and exist for a given amount of time. At the end of a show the sculptures are disassembled and the loose curves go back into boxes until the next time I have an installation planned. The temporary nature of the sculptures and installations are my connection to the natural world where everything is constantly evolving.

Recently, along with continuing to compose with curves I have started working with discs of clay and rough block shapes of mid range stoneware. I am still interested in my work being transitory and capable of change and transformation. Color, form, contrasting surfaces, light and shadows are what I’m exploring with the flat discs and hard edge geometric forms.

I hope that people who have one of the block and disc sculptures or the stacking discs or block sets will have fun creating a sculpture with the individual pieces and perhaps later transforming their sculpture into another composition of color and form.

Bean Finneran, January 2017