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Nothing but the Truth

March 4, 2008 to March 29, 2008


“In the country, in the south of France, on the road to the river, the peasants have painted big signs that read: ‘MELONS 3 for 5 euros’, or ‘TOMATOES, ONIONS, POTATOES 300 meters’ or ‘GOOD WINE’ or ‘CHERRIES AND STRAWBERRIES, HERE’. Big white letters on panels of scrap wood. So simple, so efficient. Hand made, not perfect, but… PERFECT. I always admire these “objects”. Always want to steal them and hang them on the walls of my house. A bit jealous of their beauty?... perhaps! These peasants have no idea how moving their signs are for me. So especially artistic because they are not “ARTISTIC”. I dream to have the guts to do Art like that. So hard to be so simple.”