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NINNI; Nicole Eva Mueller: You'll miss us when we're gone

November 2, 2019 to November 29, 2019


In this grouping, typically small drawings are larger than life, human scale. They are the tiger and the bear, and they are angry with us. Their fate is lurking….

My entire life I have drawn and sketched, to remember something and to self entertain. I don’t Always even realize I’m doing it, It’s not much different than writing for me, except one critical detail; in these minimal lines I strive to capture emotions.

Intrigued by relationships between humans and animals, I have been using lines to project human emotions onto them. As the environment takes on more and more stresses and challenges I started creating “angry animals” They are angry with us, and by applying human emotions on them, my goal is for us to relate and react to how they feel.

In addition to my minimal line drawing style, I recently experimented with mono-type printing which led to creating a bold blocked style. Working with pre-historic animal shapes led me to think about animals which are not yet extinct, but will be in the near future, and thus will become “post-historic.” Anatomically incorrect skeletal shapes create a sense of fun and cynicism with dark undertones and compliment to the minimal line art.


A first-generation artist and designer I received my bachelor of science degree in industrial design from Cal State Long Beach and Art Center College of Design. Along side my design career I have created the majority of my art for private commissions, continually attended courses, workshops and projects locally and internationally.. Recently, I decided to pursue creating art full-time, exploring and experimenting with a variety of mediums establishing NINNIstudio. This window project is to get your attention, gain exposure and to launch my commitment to being an artist. For more information and to view other works, visit