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  • Marie Watt | The Art Newspaper

    Marie Watt's exhibition Each/Other with Cannupa Hanska Lugar at the Denver Art Muesum was featured in The Art Magazine.

    "The American artists Marie Watt and Cannupa Hanska Luger originally envisioned their joint exhibition Each/Other at the Denver Art Museum (until 22 August) as a project that would activate the galleries with collaborative, hands-on events evoking Indigenous art-making and community-building traditions. But with plans upended by the coronavirus pandemic, the artists shifted their focus “toward the idea of shelter, both as it relates to the global health crisis but also the civil unrest in the US that ensued over the last year”, Luger says. The show comprises more than 20 mixed-media sculptures, wall hangings, installations and two crowd-sourced works."

    To read the entire article visit:

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  • Marie Watt | Each/Other at the Denver Art Museum in the New York Times

    Marie Watt's new exhibition Each / Other with Cannupa Hanska Luger opened at the Denver Art Museum on May 21. The exhibition celebrates collaborative art-making that involves public participation.

    "Exploring the collective process of creation, Each/Other will feature 26 mixed media sculptures, wall hangings and large-scale installation works by Watt (Seneca, Scottish, German) and Luger (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, Lakota and European), along with a new monumental artist-guided community artwork. While each artist’s practice is rooted in collaboration, they have never before worked together or been exhibited alongside one another in a way that allows audiences to see both the similarities and contrasts in their work.

    Watt and Luger's work is divided into two sections that explore the artists’ engagement with community, materials and the land. A new collaborative piece will be located where the two artists’ works converge within the gallery. Works on view in Each/Other will consist of materials including carved wood, ceramic and fabric sculpture, photography, installation works with concertina and oil drums, video-based interpretive elements and documentation pieces to show past performance works by the artists."

    The exhibition was featured in the New York Times, to read more about the exhibition:

    To learn more about the exhibition:

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  • Marie Watt | Cowboys & Indians Magazine

    Marie Watt was featured in Cowboys & Indians Magazine.

    "Her project today is a snapshot of what she’s best known for: using humble everyday objects as touchstones, blankets in particular. Since she first rummaged through the city’s thrift stores in 2003, scavenging for wool blankets, anything around $5 apiece to make the totemlike tower sculptures of stacked blankets, she has relied on reclaimed objects as a primary medium for her artwork. Beyond that, her process is largely collaborative. That may mean working with a printmaker, like she’s doing today, or gathering blankets and their individual histories from friends and strangers, and weaving that element into her pieces, too."

    To read the full article visit:

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  • Joe Rudko | Iris Project Residency

    Joe Rudko is an Artist in Residence at the Iris Project in Venice, California, for the month of May.

    Iris Project Residency offers artists, curators, writers, and creative thinkers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines the space and time to push boundaries in their practice, freed from the pressure of production or material exchange. We strongly believe that when creativity is uncoupled from commercial requirements, new directions and insights will emerge, and that these benefits will extend beyond the artist's time at the residency.

    Congratulations, Joe!

    For more information visit:

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  • Joe Rudko | Exhibition Walkthrough

    On the occasion of Joe Rudko's show Support System, we are pleased to share a short, casual exhibition walkthrough with the Artist.

    Please let us know if you would like any additional information about the work or if you would like to schedule an appointment to view the exhibition. Joe Rudko's show remains on view through May 1st.

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  • Marie Watt | Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

    Marie Watt will be a panelist in Quilts, Blankets, and Tapestry: Contemporary Art and Textiles with Aaron McIntosh, Marie Watt, and Ebony Patterson with the Berkley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive on Wednesday, April 21, 4 PM PDT.

    Discover the innovative practices of three artists who have turned to textiles—incorporating or referring to them in their work—in this discussion moderated by BAMPFA Director Julie Rodrigues Widholm, presented in conjunction with Rosie Lee Tompkins: A Retrospective.

    To register please visit:

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  • Yamamoto Masao | Online Pop Up Shop

    In conjunction with Yamamoto Masao’s current exhibition Bonsai, PDX CONTEMPORARY ART is pleased to present an online showing of a selection of works from the Artist’s earlier series A Box of Ku and Nakazora.

    Taking images of everyday occurrences, and oftentimes overlooked moments, Yamamoto Masao makes us further consider what is happening in the world around us— to stop, look, and savor. His undeniable ability to capture seemingly simple, mundane moments and make them feel complex, transitory, and poetic is a hallmark of his practice.

    Small silver gelatin prints, hand-toned and slightly worn, present like found objects. Made in editions of 20 or 40, the Artist treats each individual piece as one in its own— slightly scratching through the gelatin surfaces, adding small specks of gold paint, weathering the edges, and toning the images. Purposefully small prints are carried around in the Artist’s pocket to add a natural wear to the image. With each finesse and subtle mark, poetic and mysterious objects are born.

    To view the online shop visit:
    10% of all proceeds from this pop-up will be donated to Portland Japanese Garden.

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  • Georgina Reskala | Iris Project Residency

    Georgina Reskala is an Artist in Residence at the Iris Project in Venice, California for the month of March.

    Iris Project Residency offers artists, curators, writers, and creative thinkers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines the space and time to push boundaries in their practice, freed from the pressure of production or material exchange. We strongly believe that when creativity is uncoupled from commercial requirements, new directions and insights will emerge, and that these benefits will extend beyond the artist's time at the residency.

    Congratulations, Georgina!

    We are looking forward to her solo show in May 2021!

    For more information:

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  • James Lavadour | Image in Artforum

    James Lavadour’s painting Golden, 2018 was acquired by the High Desert Museum through the Oregon Arts Commission Arts Acquisition Fund. Today this work was featured as part of their permanent collection in Artforum's announcement of the High Desert Museum's recent gift of $6 million from the Roundhouse Foundation for capital improvements to increase the number of works on permanent display.

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  • Gus Van Sant | Cinema Unbound Awards

    Gus Van Sant is an honoree for the 2021 Cinema Unbound Awards!

    “The Cinema Unbound Awards is an annual celebration presented by the Northwest Film Center, honoring boundary-breaking multimedia storytellers working at the intersection of art and cinema. We honor artists and nonconformists who are not content to be contained but instead expand the notion of what’s possible. The Cinema Unbound honorees defy expectations and refuse to embrace labels using their creative vision to inspire and push us to look at what is beyond the norm.

    The Cinema Unbound Awards represents the Portland Art Museum & Northwest Film Center’s embrace of artistic exploration and commitment to equity and inclusion. Though born out of the tradition of film, the Cinema Unbound Awards expands the reach of cinema as an art form to challenge for whom, by whom, and how stories can be told.

    The 2021 Cinema Unbound Awards honorees are Steve McQueen, Garrett Bradley, Gus Van Sant, Mollye Asher, and Alex Bulkley: boundary-breaking multimedia storytellers working at the intersection of art and cinema. The awards will be presented on March 4, 2021, kicking off the 44th Annual Portland International Film Festival running from March 5 to March 14, 2021.”
    -Cinema Unbound

    This year’s Cinema Unbound Awards will invite viewers to join through both a Drive-In experience as well as a virtual experience. More information about the honorees and on how to attend can be found here:

    Congratulations, Gus!

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  • Tristan Irving in PDX Window Project | The Skanner

    PDX CONTEMPORARY ART is pleased to present the paintings of Portland-based artist Tristan “TK” Irving in the PDX Window Project for the month of February 2021.

    Drawing inspiration from a range of sources and time periods, from Rembrandt to Jean-Michel Basquiat, Irving’s work integrates abstraction and modernist sensibilities to create portraits which are bold, graphic, and colorful. Each portrait, oftentimes depicting famous artists or public figures, acts to honor and commemorate. Those he’s painted include Frederick Douglass, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Frida Kahlo, Maya Angelou, Madam C.J. Walker, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Stacey Abrams, among others. Irving is best known for his portraits of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, which have been carried at protests and marches for racial justice this summer. 

    As part of the PDX Window Project, Irving will be offering 20” x 16” commissioned portraits for $500 each. If clients wish to commission a piece, they can email for more details. The artist will work from a photograph of the client’s choosing.

    The PDX Window Project is viewable from the sidewalk 24 hours, 7 days a week, on the corner of NW 9th and Flanders. The window itself is on 9th avenue.

    Irving's work in the PDX Window Project was featured in The Skanner:

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  • Marie Watt | New York Times

    Marie Watt's piece, Blanket Story: Indian Territories, Round Dance, Grandmother, 2016, is a part of a group exhibition at Kasmin Gallery in New York City. The show, Between the Earth and Sky, was reviewed in the New York Times.

    "An exhibition of twenty-two monolithic sculptures that brings together examples of the form spanning from 900 A.D. to 2019. The presentation demonstrates how stelae, herms, and columns have acted as repositories of meaning or markers of time and place across many cultures since prehistory, as well as the way in which the expressive possibilities of this format continue to resonate with sculptors working internationally today. Be they analogues for the human form, waypoints, sentinels, support structures, memorials or otherwise, their metaphorical and formal potency abides."
    -Kasmin Gallery

    Read the full review in the New York Times here:

    Image Credit:
    Visitors at Kasmin with Marie Watt’s columnal “Blanket Story: Indian Territories, Round Dance, Grandmother” (2016), Credit: Marie Watt and Marc Straus; Nina Westervelt for The New York Times

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  • Iván Carmona | Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation Collection

    Congratulations to Iván Carmona for the acquisition of his piece, Juey, into the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation collection.

    Today, Joseph R. Biden and the inauguration committee shared, “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, ‘Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.’ It’s one of his many lessons that endures today, as we’ve seen throughout this pandemic. From sewing masks to dropping off groceries to elderly neighbors, Americans across the country know that service — looking out for one another — is part of who we are as a nation.”
    It is in this spirit that PDX will donate 1/2 of the proceeds to the Oregon Food Bank from the sale of this work.

    Iván Carmona
    Juey, 2020
    flashe paint on ceramic
    34 3/4” x 30” x 9”

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  • Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen | Congress Yard Projects

    Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen are exhibiting work at Congress Yard Projects.

    "Congress Yard Projects’ first exhibition of 2021, hard & SOFT will submit the artworks to continuous display outside, throughout the wet dragging days of late winter. This turns our previous format on its head from the summer series of weekend long exhibitions where artworks susceptible to the elements are moved inside nightly. Rather, hard & SOFT will run for 1344 hours, from late January til Spring Equinox, showcasing works that stand resolute under the weight of the grey dripping sky, alongside works that embrace weathering transformation and decay. On view will be a range of works from the most obstinately impervious, to those that might melt, fade, or rot away in reaction to the elements, as well as some that depend upon the impacts of duration and exposure for their full potential. At times, the exhibition will be only open to viewers when it is raining, and others just available after dark, to make the most of the existing perceptual conditions."

    hard & SOFT
    Exhibition Jan 24 – March 21, 2021

    Opening Sunday January 24 11-5pm

    For more information visit:
    or on Oregon Live:

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  • Marie Watt | Collaboration with Loro Piana | Recommended by the New York Times

    A collaboration between Loro Piana and Marie Watt, "Companion Species: Blanket Stories, Generations, Acknowledgement," is now on view at Loro Piana, coinciding with the opening of their new Meatpacking District store in New York City. Loro Piana will feature three sculptures, by Marie Watt as a collaborative reflection on community and environmental stewardship, generational respect, family history and the myriad symbolic meanings of loved – and lived-in – textiles.

    Blankets are an essential component of Loro Piana and Watt’s respective histories.
    At Loro Piana, blankets were among the first products ever produced. To this day, they remain an important element of the company’s legacy: blankets are an ultimate expression of warmth and comfort. Within Watt’s oeuvre, blankets symbolize safeguarding, established traditions, familial heirlooms, and physical entities to which memories may be imprinted and embedded. Together, the brand and the artist believe in weaving together textile and form to tell stories from our vast yet inextricably connected global community.

    The Blanket Stories sculpture, in particular, consists of nearly fifty thoughtfully layered and stacked blankets donated by a diverse group of Loro Piana’s friends, partners and family. Donations were submitted from around the world and each blanket arrived with an anecdote from its owner; their narratives range from humorous to heartwarming, with every single anecdote illustrating a deeply personal sentiment that is as once individual in experience yet universal in feeling. These stories are written on hang tags attached to the piece, and can be viewed on Loro Piana’s website as well.

    For more information on the project please visit :
    Featured in the New York Times:

    "Companion Species: Blanket Stories, Generations and Acknowledgment" is on display from December 14th, 2020 to January 31st, 2021 at 3 Ninth Avenue, New York City.

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  • Ferocious Mothers | Oregon ArtsWatch

    Our current exhibition, Ferocious Mothers, was reviewed in Oregon ArtsWatch.
    Read the full review here:

    Ferocious Mothers is open by appointment though January 2, Wednesday- Saturday from 10am - 4pm.

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  • Georgina Reskala | Winner for FotoFilmic JRNL 7

    Georgina Reskala has been selected as one of the winning photographers for FotoFilmic JRNL 7. She was one of twelve photographers chosen for the Winter 2021 Issue by Jaqueline Bates and Erica Deeman.
    Congratulations, Georgina!

    For more information and to see the selected photographs please visit:

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  • FEROCIOUS MOTHERS | Exhibition Walk Through

    Click here to view a video walkthrough of PDX CONTEMPORARY ART's December 2020 exhibition, Ferocious Mothers:

    PDX CONTEMPORARY ART presents the work of women artists who have managed to make art, and build successful careers while being attentive mothers. This is not an easy task, particularly today.
    It takes strong belief in the value of their art, a strong will to produce it, and a strong heart for their families.

    With Work by:
    Natalie Ball
    Jessica Jackson Hutchins
    Ellen Lesperance
    Maya Lin
    Senga Nengudi
    Heather Watkins
    Marie Watt

    FEROCIOUS MOTHERS is on view at PDX December 2, 2020 - January 2, 2021
    Open by appointment Wednesday - Saturday, 10am-4pm

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  • Shop Our Online Winter Pop-Up

    PDX CONTEMPORARY ART presents an online Winter Pop-up of work by select represented artists. They have made a diverse selection of work for you to give as gifts to your loved ones or to purchase for your personal collection.

    Participating Artists:

    Anna Gray + Ryan Wilson Paulsen
    Iván Carmona
    Bean Finneran
    Justin L’Amie
    Nancy Lorenz
    D.E. May
    Jeffry Mitchell
    Barbara Stafford

    Friendly House, a mainstay organization of Portland, Oregon, moves mountains every day for individuals and families of all ages, races, genders, and economic backgrounds. Please join us in supporting their continued critical work.

    10% of all sales from the PDX CONTEMPORARY ART Winter Pop-Up will be donated to Friendly House.

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  • Iván Carmona | Virtual Conversation on Craft, Rainmaker Craft Initiative

    Iván Carmona will be a panelist in the upcoming event What We Talk About When We Talk About Craft, a virtual panel discussion with the Rainmaker Craft Initiative (RCI).

    What We Talk About When We Talk About Craft is a play on the Raymond Carver story What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. Carver's story recounts a group of friends striving to characterize their understanding of love through their experiences, obstacles, and joys.
    RCI invites you to engage in this virtual conversation with our guests in a wide ranging dialogue about how creative folks and craft communities are faring in these times. It is an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves, gather, and connect the scattered Oregon College of Art and Craft community. Panelists include Marjorie Dial, Brenda Mallory, Iván Carmona, Joshua West Smith, and Emily Endo. The conversation will be moderated by Karl Burkheimer.

    December 12th
    4:00 - 5:30 pm

    To reserve your spot please visit:

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